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DesignerTag International (DTI) originated in Denmark and now enjoys offices and distributors across Europe and in the USA. DTI has been a pioneer in the Electronic Article Surveillance ("EAS") field since 1975. Our security tags use the latest digital signal processing technology providing maximum performance in all applications.


DTI redesigns the existing "Checkpoint Antenna System". It is a move that defines the company as a savvy, customer oriented firm. DTI also creates the "First Logo Soft Tag", and redefines the "Point-of-Sale Detector" for increased functionality. DTI creates the world's first "Chrome-Loop-Antenna System".


DTI terminates its agreement with Checkpoint Systems, Inc. to set out on its own as an originator of Electronic Article Surveillance concepts and products. DTI develops a wide range of breakthrough EAS devices including: the "World's Smallest Logo Hard Tag", "New Antenna System", "New Detacher" and "New Handheld Detector".


DTI develops, designs and patents the "Tag Wire" (Lanyard). DTI introduces the first "Microprocessor Based Antenna System" which was recognized for its innovative design by the Danish Design Index. The innovative DTI "Mannequin System" serves as a security system and sales tool allowing merchants to dress this life-like security system in the latest fashions.


DTI pioneers and patents a breakthrough hard tag design. The symmetrical design with convex outer edges as well as the integrated PinHead and TagHousing makes it impossible for unauthorized removal of the DesignerTag. It fits perfectly on the garment and offers maximum security. The "DesignerGolftag", DesignerMicrotag and DesignerMeditag redefine the industry. A "Super Clutch Mechanism" is added to defeat shoplifters as well as our patented BurnSafe design. A "Super Detacher" is the only way you can remove these truly "Super Tags". The DesignerInktag adds yet another dimension to the world's most secure hard tag and an additional patent is filed to protect this unique design. The DesignerInktag is later produced with RF Coils as well as AM coils. The DesignerInktag becomes the most sought after tag in the DesignerTag family.


The Super Detacher is redesigned to fit into the unique DesignerTag Design and is renamed The DesignerDetacher. It adds further security to the DesignerTag Concept with its unique build-in construction making it unusable with one single turn. The DesignerNanotag is created based on the need for a very small and lightweight Inktag to secure items such as lingerie a.o. The success of the DesignerTag is unfortunately shown by the number of counterfeit copies, although the DesignerTag is protected by several patents. In spite of this, we are selling more than ever, closing in on a total sale of 150 million.


In the past 20 years we have been developing the future of the EAS Industry - The Concept Solution - which is supported by 22 patents filed. It is by far the most complex and complicated development that we have ever undertaken. It was in its early start being developed as a Disposable Hard Tag solution but later further developed and changed into the Concept Solution as a reusable hard tag as well as RFID. It was launched at the EuroShop 2014 exhibition in Dusseldorf.


Introducing the Concept Solution at the EuroShop 2014 started a new era of the EAS Hard Tags. The Concept Solution is probably the most unique and advanced hard tag solution ever launched. The Concept Solution will raise the level of security to new heights including major future savings for the fashion retailers. With all the new developments, we are upgrading the Concept Solution even further, delivering never-before-seen combinations. This is by far the most advanced and secure hard tag solution ever combining RFID/EAS in a single tag - The Concept Tag. This is what we call REAL RFID. The Concept Solution gives the fashion retailer a great number of options from standard installations to Self-Serving Stores using REAL RFID as well as Source Tagging Concepts.

Johan SkjellerupPresident

Letter from the President

Dear Customers and Friends,

The security tags and editorial coverage featured here are the latest and greatest from DesignerTag International. Take a look around. I feel confident that you will like what you see. All our security tags are designed with the quality, comfort, and protection you expect from DesignerTag International.

The beautiful look and feel of a tag from the DesignerTag family is second to none. I want to personally thank the many merchants and customers who shared their insight with me over the years and helped DesignerTag International to create the finest security tags on the market today. This includes the latest member of the family - The Concept Solution which is probably the most unique and advanced hard tag solution ever launched. I encourage you to contact me or my distributors to request more information about the DesignerTag International brand line of security tags. You will be glad you did.

Warmest regards,





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The DesignerTag concept exceeds all sales expectations, more than 150 million units presently in service worldwide. DesignerTag International attributes its success to a simple philosophy, a vision that the company has never deviated from since its inception into the retail security business many years ago. "A superior EAS tag is one that is safe, functional, and attractive." DesignerTag International products are made from the highest quality materials, possess the highest security standards available in the marketplace today and recognize the retailers' concern for an elegant security solution that does not visually detract from the high fashion clothing customers demand.

In the past 20 years we have being developing the future of the EAS Industry: The Concept Solution, which is supported by 22 patents filed. It is by far the most complex and complicated development that we have ever undertaken. The Concept Tag is Reusable, Replaceable, Disposable and Recyclable. The Concept Solution is probably the most unique and advanced hard tag solution ever launched. The Concept Solution will raise the level of security to new heights including major future savings for the Fashion Retailers by using RFID.

If you are a distributor selling directly to the Fashion Retailers and find our new line of products interesting then please do not hesitate to contact us. We are always looking for highly skilled professionals who share the same ideas and who wish to sell probably the most advanced hard tag solution ever launched.

DesignerTag Production, LLC

Eddie Stenild and I started working together in 1979 after we met at the IT Institute in Copenhagen. I needed his skills to develop a coloring system for money transports (Eddie has kept this coloring system going with several upgrades from 1979 to 2017 – very impressive). We continued our relationship where Eddie worked on different projects, mostly in the EAS Hard Tag field.

The 1st August 2003, I met with Eddie to discuss a new idea, THE DISPOSABLE HARD TAGS CONCEPT. It was a major task and in the end, we agreed to enter into a full partnership - DesignerTag Production, LLC.

I knew that I needed Eddie’s unique mechanical skills for taking on such an advanced development. It became a much longer and a much harder process than any of us could ever imagine! We have been on the brink several times to just drop it. When we finally reached the point where The Disposable Hard Tag was of an acceptable quality, then we ran into probably the biggest recession the world had ever seen. We decided that this was the end of the Disposable Hard Tag. So, we had to rethink the entire process.

In 2010, under a new name – THE CONCEPT SOLUTION, we continued the process. The principle in the so-called CONCEPT DEACTIVATOR (Detacher) could still be used. We now had to find the perfect reusable Hard Tag solution – THE CONCEPT TAG (see OUR HISTORY).


DesignerTag International has lately changed the manufacturing facility in China joining forces with one of the world’s leading EAS manufacturers – Hangzhou ONTIME Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. Our plans together with Hangzhou ONTIME is not only to develop and manufacture the DesignerTag unique line of products but generally working close together in a worldwide distribution.

Hangzhou ONTIME has more than 15 years of experience and advanced technological expertise in the manufacturing of Radio-Frequency and Acoustic-Magnetic EAS products as well as the latest RFID labels.

ONTIME has more than 25,000 sq. meters manufacturing base, located in Hangzhou, which is currently the largest of its kind in China. ONTIME has a strong R&D team responsible for product research, development, and innovation to ensure that products are continuously developed and introduced into the market. The cooperation between Hangzhou ONTIME Electronic Technology Co. Ltd. and DesignerTag International is a perfect fit.

Agon Systems

Trusted by leading retailers throughout the world, Agon Systems is a manufacturer of Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) and People Counting Systems equipment based near Biel, in Switzerland. Over the last 20 years, Agon Systems has produced more than 200,000 high quality EAS antenna, which have been installed in some of the highest profile retail locations around the globe.

Agon Systems is owned and managed by Sean Welch, who has over 20 years of experience within the EAS industry. Having started his first EAS business Asset Protection in 1994, Sean successfully grew this company until in 2005 it was the subject of a buyout by a major UK PLC.

In 2008, Sean founded a new EAS company, based in the UK and operating throughout Europe. When the opportunity arose to acquire Agon Systems in Switzerland, Sean set about merging the two businesses and totally re-branded the company in 2014.

Agon has been extensively involved with the later stage developments of the Concept Tag, a revolutionary new type of EAS security tag that will eventually replace all other retail security tagging.

Alpha Security

Alpha Security - established in 1996 - is one of Europe´s most progressive EAS companies. Our product quality is unsurpassed and we are acknowledged for the highest service level in the industry.

In addition to our range of own products, we distribute from only the best suppliers worldwide, and are proud to be the sole distributor for DesignerTag International in our region. Our core competencies are: EAS – Electronic Article Surveillance, CCTV – Video Surveillance and Advanced Customer Counting solutions.

Based in Denmark, we consider the Nordic countries our home market. However, with an installed base of more than 3,000 customers in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Italy, Holland, Belgium, France, Spain, Portugal and Ireland, we have gained significant experience in operating all over Europe and we do have customers even in the US, Canada and Japan.

Our organization is geared for the future and we are proud to have been appointed premium distributor for the revolutionizing and award winning Concept Tag Solution from DesignerTag International. Feel free to contact us at any time on mail: info@alpha-security.dk, or on our webpage: www.alpha-security.dk.