The Concept Tag with the build-in RFID reprogrammable chip creates the highest level of security as well as the maximum flexibility and savings. The RFID Concept Tag is programmed at the manufacturer, then put on the garment and packed for transport.

All garments are now secured by the RFID Concept Tag from production, through transport, transit, stock handling and in the stores until detected and deactivated/detached by the world's most advanced deactivator - the Concept Deactivator.

The Concept Deactivator, RFID and check-out computer is completely integrated. When the RFID Concept Tag is being placed in the Concept Deactivator, the build-in RF antenna detects the RFID chip and transmits the information to the check-out computer. Then the RFID Concept Tag is deactivated and detached.

By using the RFID Concept Tag, fake price tagging (fraudulent UPC Bar Code Labels) will be deemed worthless. The RFID solution will secure a much faster and easier inventory control in the store as well as stocktaking. It can also be used to check incoming stock.

The Concept Tag can be delivered as MHz 902-928 (US) and MHz 860-868 (EU) and RF 13.56 MHz. We are testing other frequencies to optimize the use of the RFID/EAS.