Safe, Functional, and Attractive.
Reusable, Replaceable, Disposable and Recyclable

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Home to the finest security tags on the market today,
designed with quality, comfort, and protection in mind.

The future of the EAS Industry! Developed over the past 10 years and supported by 8 patents filed, it is the most complex development undertaken by DesignerTag.

A reusable hard tag as well as RFID, giving the fashion retailer the first true and secure source tagging solution by taking tagging out of the store!

The original DesignerTag Family! A breakthrough hard tag design that is symmetrical with convex outer edges and integrated PinHead and TagHousing.

The DesignerInktag has become the most sought after tag in the DesignerTag Family with sales closing in on a total of 150 million.

Meet the man that started DesignerTag International over 40 years ago and became a pioneer in the Electronic Article Surveillance field.

Originally from Denmark, his company now enjoys offices and distributors across Europe and in the USA.

Unique Products

The security tags and editorial coverage featured here are the latest and greatest from DesignerTag International, LLC. All our security tags are designed with the quality, comfort, and protection you expect from DesignerTag International, LLC. The beautiful look and feel of a DesignerTag is second to none which shows in our sales. The DesignerTag concept exceeds all sales expectations, more than 150 million units presently in service worldwide. DesignerTag International, LLC. attributes its success to a simple philosophy, a vision that the company has never deviated from since its inception into the retail security business many years ago. "A superior EAS tag is one that is safe, functional, and attractive."

DesignerTag International products are made from the highest quality materials, possess the highest security standards available in the marketplace today and recognize the retailers' concern for an elegant security solution that does not visually detract from the high fashion clothing customers demand.

In the past 10 years we have being developing the future of the EAS Industry: The Concept Solution, which is supported by 8 patents filed. It is by far the most complex and complicated development that we have ever undertaken. The Concept Tag is Reusable, Replaceable, Disposable and Recyclable. The Concept Solution is probably the most unique and advanced hard tag solution ever launched. The Concept Solution will raise the level of security to new heights including major future savings for the Fashion Retailers by using RFID.